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ICPA Honors Industry & Award Winners at POLYCON 2004

March 1, 2004 (Arlington, Va.) — The electric charge of Mardi Gras wasn’t the only thing enticing people to visit New Orleans in late February. Equally alluring was the International Cast Polymer Alliance (ICPA) of the American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA)’s annual POLYCON Convention and Trade Show, held February 19-21 at the Hyatt Regency New Orleans. The collision of the convention and the city’s party proved to be a powerful combination as POLYCON 2004 attracted more than 820 attendees, a 5 percent increase over the previous year’s show.

“I was very pleased with POLYCON,” says Debbie Cannon, CCT-CP, ICPA’s president and the convention’s chairperson. “I would like to thank all of the attendees—both exhibitors and manufacturers—for coming and making it a great meeting. The format changes were well received, and the sessions received good marks from everyone I have spoken to. I hope everyone will make use of what they learned and make the entire industry stronger than ever.”

Pinnacle Awards

Among the show’s highlights was the presentation of the Pinnacle Awards, sponsored by Reichhold, at Friday’s General Session. The annual competition recognizes cast polymer products that exemplify high levels of quality, innovation and creativity. And the winners are:

  • Best Installation: Alantra Solid Surface, a Division of Carstin Brands, Inc., for “Master Bath.” This bath contains a shower base that is 116” by 60” in size, and it has a 6” by 6” custom-made, solid S-curved threshold to accommodate a glass block partition wall. The shower base itself weighs more than 600 pounds, and a special cart was fabricated to wheel it into place. The bath also includes a whirlpool tub, his-and-her vanity tops, and more than 80 feet of floral pattern molding.
  • Most Innovative Application: Bradley Corporation’s “Frequency Lavatory System.” The Frequency’s unconventional wave design combines a lower ADA-compliant sink with a higher sink, making it ideal for washrooms in upscale retail centers, restaurants, offices, etc. Its design simplifies the task of meeting ADA height requirements by offering multi-height lavs all in one unit. The Frequency Lav is made of Bradley’s Terreon® solid surface material in a choice of 18 custom colors. Terreon is resistant to stains, burns, chemicals and impact.
  • Most Novel Look: Cameo Marble’s “Granite Vanity Top.” The vanity top and bowl, made with solid surface resin and backed with calcium carbonate substrata, is Cameo Marble’s exclusive design. Currently found in the powder room or master bath of high-end homes, it is an alternate to the pedestal. This piece is handmade in an area of the plant used for specialized production by one of the company’s artists. It is not mass-produced like most of its product lines, and each piece of this kind must be commissioned before production begins.
  • Outside the Box: Tower Industries’ “Lumistone Glow-in-the-Dark Solid Surface Material.” Lumistone solid surface is a joint venture creation of Tower Industries and Vistas Corporation. While its patent is currently pending, Tower Industries manufactures the product in sheet form for countertops and signage, strip form for countertop inlays and architectural moldings, liquid form for countertop inlays, and adhesive form to create inconspicuous seams. The product was conceptualized to address the need for a non-electrical, secondary lighting source for use in commercial building and the health and hospitality industries. Its unique properties allow Lumistone to glow for eight to 10 hours, then recharge with numerous light sources.

Pinnacle winners, selected from a field of entries on display at the show, received crystal awards in recognition of their achievements. For more information on the Pinnacle Awards Competition or to view photos of the winners, please visit the POLYCON 2004 Web site, or contact Mary Richman at 703.525.0320 or

Industry Awards

While the Pinnacle Awards honored products at the General Session, there also were awards to celebrate people within the cast polymer industry. The four awards recognize outstanding achievement and successful attempts to challenge the status quo and set competitive new industry standards. And the winners are:

  • Region of the Year: Northeast Cast Polymer Association (NECPA). The region set and achieved all of its goals in 2003. Not only did it hold four successful meetings with an average attendance of 94.66 members, the region also put in place a succession of candidates to move through the ranks of offices on both the regional and national levels. Additionally, NECPA created the CCT-CP Game Show, an educational tool that has caught on with the other regions.

    “I am very proud to be a part of such a strong region,” says NECPA President Tim Hill, CCT-CP. “Congratulations goes out to all the members of the NECPA. They earned this award because of their involvement in our association. We always have a great turnout at all of our meetings, and that makes all the difference in a group like this. Thank you to Frank Barbara and Mary Coe for their extra efforts.”
  • Manufacturer of the Year: Harlan Bost, Florida Custom Marble. In addition to juggling the daily activities associated with running a company, Bost finds time to actively contribute to the ICPA regionally and nationally. He serves on the ICPA Board of Directors as well as in the office of SCMA President. He has a reputation of always being eager to help another company and never giving up on a sinking ship. His selfless attitude earns him the 2004 Manufacturer of the Year distinction.
  • Supplier of the Year: Ashland Specialty Co. On a national level, Ashland has been instrumental in the success of the ICPA’s year-old CCT-CP certification program. The company hosted many CCT-CP tutorials and tests and worked tirelessly to promote the importance of certification to the industry. Additionally, the company held numerous regional meetings throughout 2003, and its sponsorship and support helped ICPA’s regions flourish.
  • Newsletter of the Year: NECPA’s Polymer Post. Edited by Mary Coe, the NECPA’s full-color newsletter contains multi-issue feature articles, a column for manufacturer’s questions, and supplier updates on new products. Polymer Post also won in 2003.

New Officers

POLYCON marked the initiation of the 2004 ICPA Board of Directors. Assuming the duties of offices are:

Debbie Cannon, CCT-CP, CoMar Products

Immediate Past President
Steve Embler, CCT-CP, Glenmar Manufacturing

President Elect
Dirk DeVuyst, CCT-CP, International Marble Industries, Inc.

Vice President
Bobby Johnson, Dixie Cultured Marble Co.

Timothy Hill, CCT-CP, Syn-Mar Products

Supplier Member of the Board
Larry Branan, CCT-CP, The R.J. Marshall Company

Manufacturer and Supplier Directors
Carl Ahrens, CCT-CP, Nisbet Brower Marble
Brent Baker, CCT-I, CP, Cook Composites & Polymers
Natalie Barnes, Starrow Industries
Harlan Bost, Florida Custom Marble, Inc.
Klaus Fromme, Bradley Corporation
Sean Hassett, Tropix Marble Company
John Hoskinson, CCT-CP, Gruber Systems, Inc.
Jerry Lippert, The Marble Quarry, Inc.
Royce Newsom, CCT-CP, Venetian of Lubbock, Inc.
Michael Owen, Marble Craft
George Roberts, Barto Marble
John Webster, CCT-CP, Monroe Industries

Executive committee members serve one-year board terms, and manufacturer and supplier directors serve two-year terms.

30th Anniversary

2004 marks the ICPA’s 30th anniversary. POYLCON celebrated this milestone in the opening remarks of the General Session, which paid tribute to the association’s past and looked forward to building on the last 30 years:

Thirty years ago, several individuals had a vision for an organization that could bring cast polymer manufacturers together; an organization that would offer a commitment to quality products, networking, teaching, training, industry marketing, standards development, and more.

Those individuals founded the National Association of Cultured Marble Manufacturers in 1974, a group that blossomed into the Cultured Marble Institute two years later, and now exists as the organization you have come to depend on for the needs of your business – the International Cast Polymer Alliance of ACMA.

The vision of yesteryear continues to drive today’s organization now. With 300 members across the country and international colleagues as well, the ICPA is proud to deliver an array of tools that are essential for cast polymer professionals…ICPA is focused on serving your business now and in the future.

Following the General Session, attendees were treated to a cake in honor of the anniversary. The celebration will continue throughout 2004, with a retrospective issue of Cast Polymer Connection Magazine and regional events and honors.

“The cast polymer industry is full of hard workers, full of determination to make a superior product,” ICPA Managing Director Sabeena Hickman says. “As the association celebrates its 30th year, we look to honor the manufacturers and suppliers of the past and those who continue the tradition today.”

ICPA’s next national show is POLYCON 2005, February 17-19, 2005, at the Nashville Convention Center in Nashville, Tenn. Check the ICPA Web site for updated details on the show.

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