ICPA Marketing Initiative:
MasterCast Engineered Composites™


In early 2007, ICPA held a strategic planning meeting at which members decided to dedicate the association’s immediate focus on intensifying its market awareness program, specifically to ensure key market segments were better aware of cast polymer products. Developing a marketing initiative involved four phases:

As a result of the industry research, the marketing action plan called for research with end users and specifiers to test messages regarding cast polymers, with the goal of finding a new umbrella name that would convey the right message and image for these products. After months of market research, ICPA’s Marketing Committee and Board of Advisors voted to approve the name MasterCast Engineered Composites™ as the new umbrella name for cast polymers. The name, which has been created to help companies more effectively market their products, now appears on all ICPA marketing materials, a new exhibit booth for national home/building shows, as well as on a new consumer-oriented MasterCast website www.mastercast.biz.

The new MasterCast Engineered Composites™ or MasterCast™ marketing initiative launched at the Southeast Building Conference, July 31 to August 2, 2008 in Orlando, FL. The new MasterCast™ booth, which incorporates ICPA member photos and products in its design, allows ICPA to showcase the benefits of cast polymer products in residential as well as commercial applications. Reaction to the booth was overwhelmingly favorable, with designers, builders and remodelers commenting on the beauty and versatility of the products and sample materials features. More than a dozen ICPA member company representatives volunteered to assist ICPA staff in the booth. The MasterCast booth will travel to other upcoming home/building shows, including K/BIS 2009.

For more information about MasterCast and ICPA’s marketing initiative, contact Gabrielle Hampson at ghampson@acmanet.org or at 703-525-0511, ext. 305.

MasterCast Marketing Tool Kit for Members

ICPA members can now access a member marketing tool kit for MasterCast Engineered Composites. To view and/or download contents of the tool kit, please click here.


Market Research with End-Users

ICPA’s Marketing Initiative conducted research with end-users to determine a preferred umbrella name for cast polymer products. Highlights of the focus group and omnibus survey research are available on the members-only portion of the ICPA website.

Market Research with Specifiers

Following the results of market research with end users, qualitative research was conducted with specifiers to determine their preferences for a new umbrella name for cast polymers. Members may view the results of this research by going to the members only-portion of the website.


Now you can exhibit at K/BIS without buying a booth! Looking to be noticed by thousands of buyers and specifiers in the kitchen and bath industry? Join ICPA’s MasterCast™ marketing initiative at K/BIS 2009.

ICPA has created Casting Call, a special 48-page magazine featuring timely editorial content, a membership directory, and advertising targeted at kitchen and bath designers, remodelers, builders, and architects. It will distributed at the 2009 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (K/BIS) this spring in Atlanta.

An advertisement in Casting Call will show buyers the broad range of design flexibility and solutions offered by cast polymer products.  It’s an ideal vehicle to promote YOUR products at a fraction of the cost to exhibit or advertise on your own.

And don’t forget about ordering additional copies of the publication to distribute in your showrooms or to share with potential customers.

Download the Ad Reservation Form (.pdf)

For information about content & advertising in Casting Call, email magazine editor Andy Brown or call 703-525-0511, ext. 316.


Marketing Action Plan

Based on the results of the recently conducted internal and external marketing audits and an ICPA member survey, the ICPA Marketing Committee has been working with the Wexler Marketing Group to develop a Marketing Action Plan.  As a prelude to implementing this plan, the committee has agreed to first develop branding elements, including a brand name for cast polymer products.  Following this, the committee will work with Wexler to create a separate ICPA website for end-users.

The ICPA Marketing Action Plan is divided into four areas:

  • Target Market Segments:
    Include the following audiences: specifiers, end-users, and influencers
  • Strategies:
    Such as public relations, sales collateral materials, and direct marketing
  • Tactical Elements:
    Which outline a specific course of action for achieving strategies for each market segment
  • Promotional Budget:
    Broken down by tactical elements
ICPA members, please click here to view the Marketing Action Plan

Member Survey

In addition to the comprehensive audits, ICPA also conducted a member survey.

The survey measured member satisfaction with ICPA and the professional needs of its members. The results have been used to help determine and support future activities for the ICPA membership.

Survey was conducted in August, 2007 and was delivered in September, 2007.

ICPA members, please click here to view the full member survey report

Marketing Audits

The purpose was to conduct an examination of the organization’s marketing objectives, strategies, organization, and performance. The result helped us identify the strengths & weaknesses and opportunities & threats facing ICPA as it moves forward with its goal of enhanced consumer awareness.

The process involved two phases: internal and external marketing audits. These were conducted independently of each other.

Internal Marketing Audit

Audit began on May 15, written report delivered to ICPA Board by May 29.

This phase would involve a review of functions within the organization that contribute to and influence marketing practices. Following are the areas to be involved.

    Structure, functions of staff and governance, internal communications
    Mission, objectives and goals, strategic approach
    Planning, strategies, new-product/service development, marketing measurement
    Products & services, pricing, promotion
ICPA members, please click here to view the full internal marketing audit report

External Marketing Audit

Audit began in June and was completed in late August.

This portion of the marketing audit involves the examination of external forces that impact, influence, and control the marketing efforts of ICPA in the marketplace.

    Market influences, publics and constituencies, technological
    Target segments, customers, distribution channel, competitors
    Summary of the findings of the internal and external marketing audits
ICPA members, please click here to view the full external marketing audit report