Headquartered in the heart of Illinois Amish Country, we at Alantra embrace the long-standing values of uncompromising quality and superb workmanship introduced by early German settlers.
Indent_clr.GIF (49 bytes)We capitalized on that tradition of excellence when we developed Alantra, a solid surface material with the look of stone. We conscientiously apply those same standards — exacting skill, precision detailing, innovative design, and specialized craftsmanship — into each item we produce.
Indent_clr.GIF (49 bytes)This attention to detail has given us an impeccable reputation among dealers and designers throughout the Midwest. We work with our dealers to ensure every installation meets our highest standards of quality and craftsmanship.
Indent_clr.GIF (49 bytes)While Alantra is ideal for residential kitchens and bathrooms, it also serves a full range of commercial uses, such as hospitals, offices, banks, and restaurants.
Indent_clr.GIF (49 bytes)Alantra is much more than just beautiful — it’s also tough! Unlike ordinary laminate, plastic, or wood products, Alantra was created to withstand the wear and tear of daily life, even in bustling commercial applications, for years to come. Heat, scratch, and stain resistant, its beauty is simple to maintain. Even cuts, scratches and burns can be removed, restoring Alantra’s original beauty.
Indent_clr.GIF (49 bytes)In fact, so confident are we in our product that we extend a full 10-year warranty against manufacturer defects with every installation.
Indent_clr.GIF (49 bytes)Before you solidify your plan and choose your color scheme, first look through our current variety of standard colors. We continually expand our line to accommodate the latest fashion trends, so Alantra is always available in an ever-increasing array of solid and “granite” standard colors.
Indent_clr.GIF (49 bytes)But if you’ve already planned your scheme, and there is that special hue you simply must have, and standard colors just don’t come close enough, we can create a custom color just for you!
Indent_clr.GIF (49 bytes)Hundreds of standard surface applications and colors are available at our plant. We can fulfill unusual requests by creating to exact specifications virtually any size and shape that architects, builders, designers, or remodelers conceive.
Indent_clr.GIF (49 bytes)Our craftsmen then custom install each unit according to our precise criterion, taking pride in efficient, on-time completion.
Indent_clr.GIF (49 bytes)Custom manufacturing and installation from one central location in Arthur, IL, ensures a full range of services with cost-saving efficiency, highest professionalism standards, and a superior product at an extraordinary price.

Alantra’s vision is to be the premier manufacturer of high quality, thoroughly proven solid surface material and products while leading the way in innovation for solid surface applications.

Alantra will meet or exceed our customer’s expectations as a world class full line manufacturer of high quality, solid surface material by offering the most innovative and competitive product available; by delivering that product on a timely basis and defect-free; and by creating an atmosphere of openness and trust between ourselves, our customers, and our suppliers until they become our true partners.